RMD Altrad Airodek

Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0011

Airodek is ideal for projects requiring quick and safe handling. Its adaptable design ensures suitability for a wide range of structures, offering both reliability and ease of use. Available with timber or ply facings.

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Package Contents

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Product NameQuantity
Airodek Panel 1800 x 900mm (ADX18090)3500
Airodek Panel 1800 x 600mm (ADX18060)414
Airodek Panel 1800 x 300mm (ADX18030)356
Airodek Panel 900 x 900mm (ADX09090)117
Airodek Drophead Panel Ply 900 x 600mm (ADX30007)108
Airodek Panel 900 x 300mm (ADX09030)23
Airodek Decking Beam 1800mm (ADX31800)526
Airodek Decking Beam 2400mm (ADX32400)1985
Airodek Decking Beam 3000mm (ADX33000)557
Airodek Infill Beam 1800mm (ADX20003)1133
Airodek Infill Beam 900mm (ADX20004)424
Airodek HD Crown (ADX20015)1345
Airodek Alshor Adapter (ADX30002)3689
Airodek to Alshor Drophead (ADX10016)1853
Airodek Panel Beam Clip (ADX20030)2520
Airodek Infill Bracket (ADX20026)137
Airodek Support Block (ADX20027)120
Airodek Drophead Panel Ply 1800 x 600mm (ADX30006)1377
Airodek Drophead Panel Ply 900 x 600mm (ADX30007)132
Airodek Drophead Panel Ply 900 x 300mm (ADX30004)60
Rapidshor Sleeve Clip (RSX10009)1572
Airodek Drophead Panel 1800mm (ADX30003)136
Airodek Crown Guardrail Socket (ADX20018)80
Paraslim Tilt Plate (PSX10008)324
Adjustable Internal Corner (AFX20001)739
Pin – Fixing M16 Dia. (AFX20018)820
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