RMD Altrad Alshor Plus

Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0021

Alshor Plus is particularly noted for its high load-bearing capacity, ensuring safety and reliability even in demanding environments. Its modular nature allows for flexible configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of application.

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Alshor Plus

Package Contents

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Product NameQuantity
Alshor Plus Frame 1200mm (ASX41200)167
Alshor Plus Frame 1800mm (ASX41800)896
Alshor Plus Frame 2400mm (ASX42400)1865
Alshor Plus Frame 3000mm (ASX43000)958
Alshor Plus Leg 1500mm (ASX31500)700
Alshor Plus Leg 2000mm (ASX32000)1925
Alshor Plus Leg 3000mm (ASX33000)632
Alshor Plus Leg 4000mm (ASX34000)520
Alshor Plus U Head 220w x 10mm (ASX10015)1516
Alshor Plus U Plate 270x220x6mm (ASX10023)902
Alshor Plus Base 10mm (ASX10011)200
Alshor Plus Jack Long 200 – 1250mm (ASX10012)2816
Alshor Plus Spigot 6mm (ASX10013)1281
Alshor Plus Jack Short 120 – 750mm (ASX10030)382
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