Aluma Beam 165 BM

Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0022

The Aluma Beam 165 BM is a versatile and economical solution in construction, offering a lightweight yet heavy-duty alternative to traditional materials. It features a durable, recycled plastic nailer strip, and its adaptable design integrates seamlessly with various systems for a range of applications, from commercial to infrastructure projects.

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Aluma Beam

Package Contents

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Product NameQuantity
165 BM Aluma Beam 1.83m (Secondary)250
165 BM Aluma Beam 2.13m (Secondary)500
165 BM Aluma Beam 2.59m (Secondary)500
165 BM Aluma Beam 3.20m (Secondary)700
165 BM Aluma Beam 3.66m (Secondary)1000
165 BM Aluma Beam 4.27m (Secondary)700
165 BM Aluma Beam 4.88m (Secondary)700
165 BM Aluma Beam 5.49m (Secondary)1500
165 BM Aluma Beam 6.40m (Secondary)1000
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