Ex Hire Topec Q Panel Original Alkus

Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0078

Topec is an aluminium modular slab formwork system without beams. This package comes with Alkus panel facings.

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Package Contents

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Product NameQuantity
TOPEC Giant Panel 180/180 (554000)349
TOPEC Panel 180/90 (548001)240
TOPEC Panel 180/75 (548012)108
TOPEC Panel 180/60 (548023)38
TOPEC Panel 180/45 (548034)110
TOPEC Panel 90/90 (548090)13
TOPEC Panel 90/75 (548089)3
TOPEC Panel E 90/60 (602674)6
TOPEC Panel E 90/45 (602675)20
TOPEC Adjustment Beam 180 (487890)186
TOPEC Adjustment Beam 90 (487880)72
TOPEC Transverse Beam (492806)371
TOPEC bearing (465410)1369
TOPEC Edge Support N (487673)22
TOPEC P-Railing Shoe (606255)89
TOPEC Bolt (470804)500
Topec Guard Rail 1.5 Metre (525364)72
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