Meva StarTec 270 (96m²)

Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0033

96m² of StarTec steel frame formwork, designed for a maximum fresh concrete pressure of 60 kN/m², is ideally suited for both commercial and residential construction.

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Meva StarTec

Package Contents

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Product NameQuantity
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/240 (71-200-03)8
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/ 135 (71-200-06)4
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/ 90 (71-200-11)4
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/ 55 (71-200-46)4
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/ 45 (71-200-56)4
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/ 30 (71-200-71)4
ST-Panel w. AL-sheet 270/ 25 (71-200-76)4
ST-inside corner 270/ 25, two parts (71-250-05)2
AS/ST-outside corner 270 (72-140-20)2
Tie rod DW 15/90 (29-900-80)50
Articulated flange nut 15/120 (SW 27) (29-900-10)100
AS assembly lock (29-205-00)80
Uni-Assembly lock 22 (29-400-85)8
Walking bracket 90 galvanized (yellow) (29-106-00)12
Guard Railing Post 100 (29-106-75)12
Brace frame 250 with formwork-prop connector (29-109-20)8
Flange screw 18 (29-401-10)30
Stacking rack (27-000-20)1
AS-crane hook (29-203-89)2
Lifting hook 40 (29-401-42)4
Plug D20 (red) (29-902-63)2
MEVA storage box 120/100 (27-000-10)2
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