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Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0072

VARIO GT 24 stands out as a customizable formwork solution that combines formwork girders, steel walers, and a variety of options to match any project's specifications. Whether you're dealing with unique cross-sections, varying concreting heights, or specific pressures from fresh concrete, this system is engineered to adapt seamlessly. It's also ideal for achieving high-quality architectural…

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Package Contents

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Product NameQuantity
Steel Waling Universal SRU U120 L=1.22m (103874)60
STEEL WALER SRU 147 U12 (103877)258
STEEL WAL.UNV.SRU U-120 1.72 (103886)160
STEEL WAL.UNV.L 2.47 SR (103892)210
Steel Waler U100 SRZ 120cm (010030)142
Steel Waler U100 SRZ 182.5cm (010060)240
Steel Waler U100 SRZ 245cm (010050)424
Steel Waler U120 VSRZ 24/120/12 (010440)142
VARIO Waler U100 (Per Metre) (010240)34
Column Waler U100 SSRZ (Per Metre) (012080)117
Steel Waler U100 VSRZ-24 245cm (010420)68
Scaffold Jack GB 80 (Use 102-926) (027110)314
VARIO Coupling VKS 99 (102825)1182
VAR.COUPLING 147CM VKZ (113020)90
Coupling Compression Plate KDP (024220)578
Articulated VARIO Coupling GKZ 60/60cm (013220)146
Double Hookstrap HBUD 20-24 (104930)74
Universal Hookstrap HBU 20-24 (104931)1090
Girder Claw HB for U100-U120 (024600)990
Hook Strap UNI HBU 24-26 U200 (111806)643
Hook Strap HB 24-180 (024460)7691
Wedge Tensionproof KZ (024240)4360
VARIO Wedge K (024250)1400
GIRDER CLAW HB U100-U12 (124600)990
Articulated VARIO Coupling GKZ 60/60cm (013220)146
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