Rasto/Takko Plastic Eco-ply

Package ID: FD-USP-0000-0087

The Hünnebeck Rasto wall formwork system is a versatile and efficient solution for concrete wall projects of all sizes.

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Package Contents

Below is a full breakdown of what this package comprises of. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.
Product NameQuantity
RASTO G2 Hinged Corner 30/270 (607310)6
TAKKO G2 Hinged Corner 30/120 (607320)8
RASTO G2 Panel 90/270 (607330)200
RASTO G2 Panel 75/270 (607340)80
RASTO G2 Panel 60/270 (607350)200
RASTO G2 Panel 45/270 (607360)50
TAKKO G2 Panel 90/120 (607380)120
TAKKO G2 Panel 75/120 (607390)38
TAKKO G2 Panel 60/120 (607400)60
TAKKO G2 Panel 45/120 (607410)40
TAKKO G2 Panel 30/120 (607420)30
RASTO G2 Inner Corner 30/270 (607430)20
TAKKO G2 Inner Corner 30/120 (607440)30
RASTO G2 MP Panel 70/120 (607450)40
TAKKO G2 MP Panel 70/120 (607460)40
RASTO G2 Panel XXL 240/270 (607470)100
RASTO G2 Transport Hook (607550)12
RASTO G2 Corner Adjustment 5/270 (607555)40
TAKKO G2 Corner Adjustment 5/120 (607560)40
RASTO Clamping Lever (602645)1500
Centering Nut 100 (469566)1500
Centering Tension Bolt (479264)1500
RASTO Outer Corner Clamp N (488900)300
RASTO Aligning Panel Clamp (489000)800
RASTO Aligning Panel Clamp (489000)1000
RASTO Adjusting Strut (564381)250
Waler 80 (586980)200
TAKKO Adjusting Strut (588110)250
RASTO P-walkway Bracket (606245)250
RASTO Bulkhead Clamp (606300)150
Waler Spanner L (500 mm) (454410)200
MANTO Ratchet (408780)30
MANTO Tie Nut DW 15 (464600)2500
Euro Lattice Box (548480)36
Euro Stacking Frame 120/80 (553689)14
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